Voices from behind the iron curtain

Svetlana Gannushkina Right Livelihood Award 2016 Stockholm 11 / 2016 Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt

With Russias war on Ukraine, the iron curtain has once again descended over Europe. We have invited several Russians to ask them about what they think of the future.

Svetlana Gannushkina is one of the most accomplished leaders of the human rights movement in Russia today. Through the organisation that she founded and heads – the Civic Assistance Committee – she has provided free legal support, humanitarian aid and education to over 50,000 migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons since 1990. She is also on the board of Memorial, the organization which received the Nobel Peace Prize last December.

Kirill Martynov

This year she will come to the Kirkenes Conference to give her view on the developments in Russia.

Together with her in the panel we have invited the ediotor in chief of Novaya Gazeta Europe, Kirill Martynov. While the Russian version of the newspaper is shut down, the European news desk is still active. In 2021 the editor of Novaya Gazeta Russia, Dmitry Muratov, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then the working conditions for free media in Russia has become almost impossible to handle. All critical voices has been muted.

In the panel we will also meet Evgeny Goman who is a producer in the Norwegian company of art curators Pikene på Broen.