Under-Secretary Nina Vaskunlahti on the Current Geopolitical Barents Region

Finland’s Under-Secretary of State for External Economic Relations,  Nina Vaskunlahti, stands strong in her belief on the importance of international cooperation and dialogue.

Nina Vaskunlahti has worked with foreign affairs for over thirty years. She has gained a strong, positive reputation and firm belief in the importance of international cooperation and dialogue, through her various roles in different countries, such as Mexico, Bosnia, Russia and Belgium.

Whatever country or role Vaskunlahti inhabits, she bases her work on the Finnish values ​​of equality, innovation and trustworthiness. She has always been a strong advocate for gender equality.

In her position as Under-Secretary of State, Vaskunlahti’s main areas of work focuses on ways to promote Finnish exports and expertise, and to manage Finland’s external economic relations with Finnish society and the rest of the world.

During the 2020 Kirkenes Conference, Vaskunlahti will participate in the first part of the conference, the Current Ceopolitical Barents Region.

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