The 23rd and 24th of February, The Kirkenes Conference will be held as planned at Thon Hotel Kirkenes. «With everything we have been through during the pandemic, the Kirkenes Conference is maybe more important than ever», says Guro Brandshaug who is head of the conference.

«Two years have gone by since we met in Kirkenes the last time. Thats why it is so important that we can invite people to Thon Hotel Kirkenes again», says Brandshaug.

There has been a lot of uncertainty whether it is possible or not to arrange a conference, but it now seems like we might see the end of the pandemic in the horizon.

The number of covid 19 cases are increasing rapidly in Norway, like in most places all over the world. However, the number of people who needs to be hospitalized is decreasing. This has made it possible for the Kirkenes Conference to continue planning for a physical conference in Kirkenes.

«As of now we can host a conference with 200 participants, and we will be very happy if we are able to host an event like that. However, we have learned that things can change very fast», says Brandshaug.

Good program

Brandshaug is very satisfied with this years program. A key topic this year is the geopolitical Barents Region and the importance of open borders. A highly relevant discussion after almost two years of closed borders due to covid 19 restrictions. The green shift and energy solutions for the future is also highlighted in the program.

«The kirkenes Conference, with its location in the border land between Norway, Russian and Finland, will always have strong emphasis on international relations, says Brandshaug.

Book now

The numbver of participants is growing rapidly. It is important that you book your seat in the audience as soon as possible.