Siri Lill Mannes will moderate the Kirkenes Conference 2020

We have the honour of introducing Siri Lill Mannes as this year’s moderator of the Kirkenes Conference 2020. Mannes is CEO of SpeakLab, a course and training center for presentation and public speaking

Siri Lill Mannes has versatile experience of moderating large conferences. She led the opening of the OECD’s World Forum in Paris. She also moderated the NHO Annual Conference in the Opera and the conversation between Jens Stoltenberg and the married couple Bill and Melinda Gates at the same venue.

At the Kirkenes Conference, Mannes has been a good and stable moderator in previous years. She shows a deep understanding of current issues here in the Barents region. Mannes links the different themes in the conference program to a large, comprehensive picture of the Barents region. Through well-formulated questions to speakers and debate participants, she is instrumental in shaping the Kirkenes Conference into the cross-border and thematically important conference it is.

We are looking forward to seeing Siri Lill Mannes on stage February 12 and 13 during the Kirkenes Conference 2020.

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