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The Kirkenes Conference 2020 will be held 12th and 13th of February 2020, at Thon Hotel Kirkenes. Reserve the dates and participate at the most important arena for cooperation in the High North.

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The Kirkenes Conference, first held in January 2008, has established itself as an important arena for development of the north. Our location makes Kirkenes town the geopolitical centre in Norway, and a central area for work on the High North development. This provides an exciting mix of business development and northern area policy at both an international and regional level. The conference addresses key challenges for business, politics and the environment, together with the fact that Russia and Finland are close neighbours and partners. This has always been part of the concept of the Kirkenes Conference and gives it an extra dimension combined with the depth of the cross-border cooperation.

The Kirkenes Conference 2020 will run over two days and is scheduled for Week 7, beginning Wednesday, February 12th, concluding Thursday, February 13th.

Below you will find articles with information about the various speakers who will attend the Kirkenes Conference 2020.