Robert Mood to the Kirkenes Conference 2020

Robert Mood attends the Kirkenes Conference 2020 to share his experiences and future visions on the topic ‘security and emergency services’ in the Barents region.

Robert Mood is a lieutenant general with experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces, NATO and UN, and formerly the Chief of Staff (GIH) of the Norwegian Army. Mood is an important voice in the public debate on defence policies in Norway, Norway’s relationship with Russia and the dismantling of the Norwegian army.

Through the topic of «security and emergiency services», we welcome Mood on stage to contribute to the debate on future challenges in the Baretns region.

We warmly welcome Mood to Kirkenes during the Kirkenes Conference in February 2020, and look forward to his important contributions and debate on the topic of security and emergency services!

Program for the Kirkenes Conference 2020 will be released December 6, 2019. Follow us on Facebook, or download our app to stay up-to-date on the latest issues.