If you are not able to attend the Kirkenes Conference physically at Thon Hotel Kirkenes, our upgraded digital conference is a good option for you

It is the Tromsø-based Vican company that provides us with the platform for a virtual conference arena, where participants who are unable to come to Kirkenes can follow all speakers and debates from the podium in Kirkenes.

It will be a three camera broadcast, produced by the media company iFinnmark Lab. The cost for a digital participation is 500,- NOK.

The conference will be broadcasted with three different language options. Norwegian, Russian and English.

After registering for the digital conference, you will receive a login and password which will give you access to the Kirkenes Conference digital arene. Those who registered for the Arctic Frontiers Conference in 2021 will recognize that it is built on the same platform.

Here you will be able to follow the debates, and also post your personal remarks and questions to the panelists and speakers.

To register for a digital conference, follow the same link as for ordinary participation and choose digital conference on the bottom of page one.