Evening concert with Ola Rokkones

Ola Rokkones will entertain us with his wide repertoire of music during the conference dinner at the Kirkenes Conference 2020.

Rokkones is one of the few saxophonists who works with both classical music and jazz. He has performed as soloist with orchestras from Norway, Russia, Germany and France. Rokkones is also well known as a jazz and ensemble musician through various groups, such as Marit Sandvik & Nova Onda, Treskatresk, Mike del Ferro Quintet and more.

In 2019, Rokkones was one of four to be awarded the Barents Scholarship for cultural, cross-border cooperation in the Barents Region. Through collaboration with musicians and orchestras in, among others, Norway and Russia, Rokkones has developed a broad repertoire of music with strong northern characteristics.

With the nickname ‘musical chameleon’, for his diverse expressions through both jazz and classical music, we have something to look forward to during the conference dinner when Ola Rokkones takes over the stage