Erik Solheim on China

Erik Solheim attends the Kirkenes Conference 2020 to talk about a changing world. Solheim is a man with broad experiences from large, worldwide organizations.

Erik Solheim is a man with many hats and broad expertise. Solheim is currently working as a chief consultant to the World Resources Institute, an environmental think tank, with the project ‘The belt and road initiative’, a Chinese infrastructure and economic development project.

Solheim has good insight into China and the worldwide area of impact from Chinas entry into the global market. Based on his current work and broad expertise, Solheim will be talking about China and current drivers of change during the 2020 Kirkenes Conference. We look forward to hear his contribution!

The launch of the program for the Kirkenes Conference 2020 is approaching – December 6, 2019, is the date! Stay tuned for more, follow us on Facebook, or download our app to stay up-to-date on the latest issues.